Maintenance & Snow Removal

Landscape Maintenance

weekly attention-to-detail

Our weekly attention to detail compliments your facility with an inviting landscape. We monitor the growth and mowing at correct heights, maintains a vigorous plant with good health and rich color. Trained personnel tour the site observing the natural growth habit of ornamental plants, turf grass and annual beds, to identify and make diagnosis of future problematic issues.

Issues of concern, disease, pest infestation, ground moisture and overall exposure to the climatic elements are diagnosed, then recommendations are made for preventative or curative action. The Disanto Companies implements the Integrated Pest Management Program.

Snow Removal and Ice Management

Equipped and Prepared

Our fleet of state-of-the-art trucks, skid steers, front-end loaders, compact utility vehicles and ATVs is always prepared for Northeast Ohio’s unpredictable winter weather. Our entire fleet is well equipped to handle any amount of snow and ice, to assure total vehicular and pedestrian safety. The DiSanto Companies, Inc. works while you sleep to ensure that you wake up to a clean parking lot or driveway.

Residential Properties

• Snow cleared from driveway by 6:00 am, 24/7
• Entrance, walk and main doors cleared of snow
• Seasonal contracts or Per-Push contracts
• Salt application to driveway areas
• Safe Step application to entrance doors
• Snow markers are installed in the fall, then removed in the spring and stored by us

Commercial Properties

• Snow and ice management 24/7
• Zero Tolerance programs
• Entrance ways and main doors cleared of snow
• Salt applications (Priced by the ton)
• Snow removal with heavy equipment to regain parking spaces (additional charge)
• Salting applications verified by ticket left on site, or fax confirmation
• Snow markers are installed in the fall, then removed in the spring and stored by us
• Contracts are offered November thru April
• We acquire all city permits
• The DiSanto Companies is fully insured
• Company equipment is marked with company name
• Employees all wear company uniforms